Together, we will work toward securing your financial future

Get to know The Sovereign Financial Group

Based in upstate South Carolina, the Sovereign Financial Group of OneAscent was founded in 2017. We’re passionate about partnering with people like you to maximize your time, resources, and abilities while helping you become good stewards. To achieve this, we developed and refined a financial planning process called The Sovereign Way. Our desire is to walk with you along this path and help lead you from success to significance.

The Sovereign Way

The Sovereign Way is our financial planning process. Our unique process aims to align your values with your financial planning, investment management, and estate planning needs. We listen and get to know you, striving to understand what you need to accomplish your financial goals.

  • Financial planning: Using money and how it impacts your daily life
  • Investment management: Investing in companies you can be proud to own
  • Estate planning: Leaving a legacy with purpose

Our Advisors

Financial advising for your future well-being.

We provide counseling, a listening ear, and strategic investment plans so you can live a secure and successful life.

About OneAscent

OneAscent is an investment company that walks the extra mile with our advisors and investors. We work with a variety of investment managers to provide clients with a personalized investment mix founded on their values. OneAscent has partnered with financial institutions and fund management teams to bring profitable and ethical investments to clients like you.

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